About Segways

A Segway is a self balancing transportation device, that allows you to freely move around where ever you want to go. It’s super easy to use a Segway - it uses a gyroscope to detect the movement of your body. When you lean forward it goes forward, when you lean backwards it reverses. The Segway slows you down if you are going to fast and it will hold your balance perfectly as long as the tires have traction. You should never jump or do tricks on a Segway. 


Is it hard to cruise on a Segway?

No, and our trained guides will give you all the training you need, to feel safe on your Segway. But most of our guests are ready to go within 5 minutes, once you get the connection with the Segway, you are ready to go!


 Some practical information.

Your weight must be within 45 to 125kg. Your must be at least 135cm tall. We don’t ride with kids under the age of 16 on public roads, but we can tailor suit a private event on a closed course a safe place near you, please call us for more info. If you are pregnant you can not participate in our tours, we will not hold any responsibility of an unborn child. You are not allowed to be under influence of Alcohol, Drugs or Strong Medication.


What about the Weather?

Our tours are completed in almost any kind of weather. If it starts to rain on the tour or before, you will be offered a rainponcho, but please bring your own rain clothes to make your cruise as comfortable as possible. We will never complete a tour in dangerous weather such as, snow, ice, heavy wind or cloudbursts. 

We always recommend you to wear comfortable clothes. For the ladies - we do not accept high heels, so please put on your comfy shoes. 


When and where can i book my tour?

You can book tours up to 1 our from the starting time online, and at our front desk at Langelinie Kaj you can book up to 15min before start. We do recommend you to book online at all times, just to make sure no disappointments are made.

You can always change the date or time for your tour, please contact us minimum 2 hours before start. If you want to get your money back, we offer you a 14 days refund service.


Do you speak any other languages 

Yes of course, our guides speak multiple languages such as German and Spanish. Our 2 main tours are completed in Danish and/ or English. Please contact us if you want a tour in another language.

Watch our safety video ► (click the photo)